Heart Of A Warrior

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W e l c o m e !






Alright, so, everybody hates this part but it's gotta be done... It's time for the rules. So lets begin before I become impatient.


1. Follow the warrior code. This means no forbidden loves, pregnant medicine cats, running through foreign territory unless you are prepared to be exiled from the clan, or banned from the site. However, if you are given permission from an admin or leader, feel free.

2. Obey all admins and mods, which means, no pulling the old, 'Well, you're not the site owner,' b.s. Admins word is law.

3. Respect yourself and other members. Don't let us find out your sending around nudes on a child and young adult oriented site, as most of you are underage. Regardless, and stated in rule 5, excessively provocative behavior or sexual behavior is prohibited.

4. Welcome our newbies with open paws and smiles. Make sure they want to come back so we can create a growing, happy community.

5 No sexual activity or bullying. Admins and mods will define bullying by their own standards. This is a one time warning. 

6. The information that you share on this website(I.E, Phone Numbers, Facebook Names, E-Mails) is up to you, though we strongly advise that you use caution when sharing this. Not everyone is who they say they are, and anyone can become a complete psychopath. But, if you believe a person is a friend of yours, you've Skyped, done a background check, who are we to say you're wrong to share? 

7. Please do not request to be an Admin or a Mod. If we think you'll get the job done, we'll let you know.

8. Do not fight. Do not start fights, join fights, and unless you are an Administrator or Moderator, do not even attempt to end them. Ignore them, or, spam the chat with periods until the fight simply cannot continue. (Please remember, while this sort of spamming is authorized, it can disrupt roleplayers, so please be mindful and courteous.  


Disobeying our rules will result in a ban, whether sooner, or later. 


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